Day 36 – 7/3/17 – Chest

Time to start another week of workouts. Just feels like a routine now but not one that is a chore. It’s just something I do in the evenings, I go to the gym.

Chest time, which is always interesting as I get to see how my shoulder will hold up. It hasn’t been feeling too great over the past couple of days. Probably my golfing and hockey filled Saturday.  All that swinging can’t help…golf club and hockey stick swinging that is.

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Day 35 – 6/3/17 – Training

Day 35…5 full weeks in, 16 workouts done, 4 hockey matches played, 3 wins, 1 loss. Good going so far, I am happy with what I have been doing and my commitment level. I keep saying it but I want to sort the food out now so I have cooked up some chicken breasts for the week for lunches.

Gotta save money and eat healthier, as too often am I spending on breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Feel like my body has started to change but that my diet will be the key in pushing it on. Continue reading

Day 34 – 5/3/17 – Coaching

What a result yesterday, keeping our hopes alive for the season. Forgot to mention I also played golf yesterday. Didn’t play great again but got a few pars and managed 31 points with a full 28 handicap…take all the help I can get.

Today it was time to emulate yesterday’s success with my U12 boys. Had a match against Guildford U14 dev boys and beat them 2-1 I think the score was. Then we crushed Teddington with a mix of U12s and U14s, so good day all round.

Popped home for a roast dinner to see the family and dog and that was about it. Not very eventful but nice and relaxing to chill before the start of another week.

Day 33 – 4/3/17 – Surbiton 3s vs London Edwardians 2s

D-day. The biggest game of the season….again. We faced off against London Eds, top of the league and a team that beat us narrowly 1-0 away from home.

This was a must win to keep our promotion hopes alive. Even now those dreams still rely on the results of the other teams in the league but we can’t control that. Just win every game and see what happens.  Will be incredibly disappointing if we do manage that and still don’t get promoted and will have to look back at the games we fucked up in and realise we have to spend another season with these teams. Continue reading

Day 32 – 3/3/17 – Coaching

End of another week. Time seems to go so quickly these days. That’s the 4th week in a row completed, averaging 3 workouts a week in the gym, as well as hockey training on Mondays and matches on Saturdays. The odd bit of golf thrown in for good measure.

Still no official approval at work for my role change but I have been advised it’s coming and we are nearly there. Hopefully know by the end of next week. Time for coaching following our mighty victory on Sunday. Continue reading

Day 31 – 2/3/17 – Back

Day 31 – doing pretty good and feel so much better for it. Starting to see a little bit of a difference I think. My abs definitely feel harder like there’s less fat covering them, although I still have a bit at the bottom. I also still have that stubborn lower back fat but then I haven’t really been eating that differently or proper working hard on fat reduction.

Not that I have been eating that unhealthily but I still have a way to go. It’s not like I am some disciplined bodybuilder eating 5 chicken breasts and broccoli a day. Continue reading

Day 30 – 1/3/17 – Legs

With my routine a little thrown the order now is Chest, Legs, Back. So tonight it’s legs time. Hopefully don’t get affected by any DOMS for Saturday’s game where I will need to be in tip top condition.

Had my annual performance review at work today which was interesting and went a bit like this:

“You weren’t good enough in 2016, but in 2017 you are a different person”

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