Day 43 – 14/3/17 – Chest

Tuesday. Booked myself some physio once more to check out my shoulder as it is just so frustrating having it constantly nagging me. It is nowhere near as bad as it used to be but it is still hindering me in my workouts and I can’t be accepting that.

Physio was a little disappointing though as it just ended up being more of a 20 min chat than a 30 min session. I am glad they are covered by my health insurance as I definitely would not have paid £50.  Understand though I am at a late stage and it is my first session back after months without it so session was a bit of a re-assessment.

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Day 42 – 13/3/17 – Not a lot

Start of another week and didn’t really get up to too much apart from the big announcement of my job role change to my team.

Those of us in the know were pretty excited about this because it was secret and would be such a shock to the team. It didn’t disappoint, though would have benefited from some bigger build up. Had the camera on one of my colleagues as I knew he would be upset about it/not be able to understand or take it on board. His expressions didn’t give too much away but the subtle changes were priceless.

Didn’t end up making it to training after the shoddy session last week and so just chilled when I got back in the evening. Back in the gym tomorrow.

Day 41 – 12/3/17 – Coaching

Sunday and it’s an early one. I have been tasked with helping out on the Academy in the morning at the club, which starts at 08:45.  My one chance at a lie in is gone unfortunately but at least it’s money and gets me active to use the whole day. Used to run the U8’s in the Academy and the kids are pretty funny so it’s not all bad.

Wasn’t the greatest weather today which is always lame when out coaching all day. Had the academy then my U12 boys bundled in with U14s and U16s so we just played a full pitch 11 a side game with a bit of a laugh. Continue reading

Day 40 – 11/3/17 – Surbiton 3s vs Addiscombe

As always, Saturday is a big day with hockey. This week we face Addiscombe, who are in the bottom half of the table but nonetheless a team we can’t take lightly. Especially after we lost to Romsey the other week.

We had plenty of time to warm up, being first on the pitch for the day and we had a strong, experienced team.  First match back for our top goalscorer last season after a few months of illness which was absolutely fantastic to see. He ended up opening the scoring I think and grabbed himself a hat trick. Continue reading

Day 39 – 10/3/17 – Coaching

The joys of Friday. The end of the week and start of the weekend. Not much went down at work and so onto coaching. At coaching we worked on possession in congested areas and movement off the ball, with a 4 on 2 exercise. One of the things the boys need to get better at is their leading and getting out from behind defenders, so this exercise is perfect to make little movements away to receive the ball as well as moving the ball quickly.

The exercise consists of 3 teams of 2, with two pairs always on the same team. If one player makes a mistake then his pair become the defenders. Cheeky little paint drawing below: Continue reading

Day 38 – 9/3/17 – Back

Life’s just ticking along at the moment without much excitement to write about unfortunately. At least I am sticking to my gym plan and going really well on that front. Went for a food shop the other day and made some good choices so just gotta ensure I am cooking and eating the food I bought.

Biggest change I need to make at the moment is eating a healthy breakfast at home before I leave for work. As currently I just get something when I get to London, however from April/May time I am going to be driving to Basingstoke for work and there aren’t the same options in a Business Park as in London. So I am going to need to start eating breakfast. Got my salmon and eggs at the ready just need to make myself get up and make it now. Continue reading

Day 37 – 8/3/17 – Legs

Middle of the week and an interesting discussion to start the day at work. Finally had our targets at work given to us for the year, however for me it was irrelevant due to my change in role, so I decided to wind my team up saying I had an incredibly low target. I enjoyed the shock and horror on their faces while it lasted. Will have to wait and see what targets I have in my new role down in Basingstoke.

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