I would argue that whilst supplements are not essential, they are very helpful indeed in supporting your body as you look to get stronger, bigger, fitter, leaner.

Yes the majority of the things that people suggest you take can be found in every day foods. However you have to take into account cost, ease of use/digestion, preparation and efficiency. It’s certainly a lot quicker and easier to knock up and drink a protein shake than it is to cook and eat a chicken breast after a work out.

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Form Over Fiction

Don’t try to show off or impress anyone in the gym. Thinking about what other people think is one of the biggest obstacles to going to the gym and being successful in there in my opinion. It certainly used to weigh on my mind when I was younger and you worry about the puny little weights you are lifting in comparison to everyone else.

Remember everyone is different and everyone had to start somewhere. Stay committed and focused on yourself. Nothing else matters.

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I use a couple of apps to help me in my workouts and health which I would definitely recommend to anyone. I know some hardcore people out there will be like “you shouldn’t have your phone out in the gym man, you are here to lift” whilst they throw their roided up bods around, but hey, it’s whatever works for you right?

So here are the ones that I use daily: Continue reading