Day 48 – 19/3/17 – Coaching

The weeks are flying by. Day 48 so what’s that, 7 weeks done? Pretty good going and just worked it out I have done 23 workouts, so nearly every other day. Not too bad at all.

Sunday means coaching and for the second week in a row I have been tasked with helping out on the Academy, which is a session for U10s and younger, split by age group, first thing in the morning. Why can’t I just have a lie in?

The Academy wasn’t too bad. Apart from the fact I had to run my group on my own because no one else bothered to check they were on it and turn up. The kids were good and just got down to business.

I then had to trek it to Dulwich for my U12 boys. Such a horrible journey. An hour to go 12 miles through the likes of Balham and Tooting. To make matters worse we lost 4-0, mainly because we were missing so many players.

The other news today was Sunbury playing again in our Mens 3s league, winning 4-1 against HAC. So they have played one more game than the rest of us at the top and here is how the table looks now:


All to play for and have done some projections. Basically if we win our remaining 3 games we will get promoted. Woop woop!


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