Day 47 – 18/3/17 – Surbiton 3s vs Southampton 1s

Another big game, this time against Southampton…away…long.  These guys have put in some really good results this season and we drew 1-1 with them at home. They beat London Eds 4-2 , beat Croydon 6-4 and Sunbury 6-3. All the top 3 sides. So we had to prepare for a very tough match after a long journey down to the south coast, back to where I went to uni.

We had some real issues with availability this week but managed to scrape together a classic 3s team of old. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t go our way because of this but we soon settled those nerves.

We started playing some fantastic hockey, defending really tight and forcing them to play our way, not letting them do the things they clearly do to other teams. We kept winning the ball back high up the pitch which led to some great chances, and our counter attacking was first class.

The goals started flying in and we ended up winning 9-2. An absolute crushing that sends a message to the league…we mean business.

Croydon then ended up losing to Sunbury in a top of the table clash, so they have lost their points advantage over us and are only 2 ahead now, still yet to play us in the final game of the season. London Eds beat Andover who were snapping at our heels, so that cements Eds into 2nd place.

A top day and result for us even if England did then lose in the 6 Nations to Ireland. Who cares, we won the tournament.


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