Day 44 – 15/3/17 – The Crystal Maze

Exciting times ahead. It was finally the day of the Crystal Maze with my team at work. So unfortunately that means no workout this evening, but the Crystal Maze will be pretty active I’m sure.

Just been reminiscing all day about the classic show, humming the dramatic theme tune probably pissing everyone off whilst also forcing them to join in with its catchiness. Plan is to go grab a burger at MeatLiquor beforehand and hopefully not clog ourselves up.

What a night. Couldn’t fault it apart from not being long enough. The Crystal Maze was so good, just a shame that it seemed to go so quickly. We were a team of 8 and we each got to do 2 games, with a couple getting to do 3. All in all it lasted about an hour and a half.

The place itself was really well done, I was definitely impressed with its quality. It didn’t come across naff at all and it got us all in the right mood to really go for it. We were met by our “maze master” who was actually a really good laugh and wasn’t cringey in any way, which I am sure some have the potential to be. He kept running off to lead us to the next challenge even with the shouts from our boss Norman to “stop running”….Norm isn’t the most mobile of chaps.

I was made team captain so had to do the selection each time for what game to play and who would play it. The choices were skill, mental, physical, mystery and the challenges were all really unique and interesting.  We ended up taking 11 crystals into the final, giving us 55 seconds in the dome to catch the gold tokens flying around.

There was one strict rule…you can’t pick the tokens up off the ground.  We ended up beating the 3 other groups by over 200, however on review it was decided that we cheated…thanks Kosky. However there aren’t any prizes and it’s all just a good laugh.

So I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Even those who are less mobile as the maze masters help you out and take you round in accessible ways if required.  Was a little expensive at £50 per head but we loved it.


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