Day 41 – 12/3/17 – Coaching

Sunday and it’s an early one. I have been tasked with helping out on the Academy in the morning at the club, which starts at 08:45.  My one chance at a lie in is gone unfortunately but at least it’s money and gets me active to use the whole day. Used to run the U8’s in the Academy and the kids are pretty funny so it’s not all bad.

Wasn’t the greatest weather today which is always lame when out coaching all day. Had the academy then my U12 boys bundled in with U14s and U16s so we just played a full pitch 11 a side game with a bit of a laugh.

I popped home to see my mum before my next bit which was nice. Filled her in on all that’s going on at the moment and my job approval for my move down to Basingstoke. Then it was back down the club to work with Frankie taking the U18 girls against Wycombe. They looked strong and our team was a bit of a mish mash, however under the expert collaborative guidance of Frankie and I, we won 3-1.  The opposition girls were getting mightily frustrated and we even saw a green card. Naughty.

Was great to help the girls get a win in their last game of the season and for some of them their last Colts game at Surbiton.

Jen and I then chilled for the evening and went to a local Thai restaurant which was very nice and we were the only ones in there. Private dinner service. We started watching Passengers when we got back into bed, however it soon descended into me watching Passengers and Jen fast asleep.

Time to announce to my team tomorrow about Basingstoke and the fact I am leaving them! The looks are gonna be priceless.


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