Day 40 – 11/3/17 – Surbiton 3s vs Addiscombe

As always, Saturday is a big day with hockey. This week we face Addiscombe, who are in the bottom half of the table but nonetheless a team we can’t take lightly. Especially after we lost to Romsey the other week.

We had plenty of time to warm up, being first on the pitch for the day and we had a strong, experienced team.  First match back for our top goalscorer last season after a few months of illness which was absolutely fantastic to see. He ended up opening the scoring I think and grabbed himself a hat trick.

It was a pretty straightforward game and apparently Addiscombe were missing a few of their players so it wasn’t much of a battle and we won 7-0. The big talking point though was our GK, Rob, getting his collarbone broken in a clash early on in the second half.

This led to quite a long break as we tended to him and ensured he got his kit off and got in the clubhouse safely. Then it was time for my partner at CB, Ed, to go in goal. His immediate responsibility was to face a short corner, in which he duly saved a drag flick at his sensitive area. He had to make another save a few minutes later and was pretty quiet the rest of the game as we finished it off.

Rob was waiting for us in the clubhouse, surrounded by women, arm in a sling, begging for a lift to hospital. We weren’t going to go out of our way to do that so some girls from Spencer kindly offered to take him.

Then we received the xray later on:

robs xray

A double break to the collarbone….nice. He won’t be playing for a long time. Thanks Rob, now we have no GK.

Jen and I then went into London for the rest of the day, popping round the shops and having dinner at Sophie’s, one of our favourites. Was a good day all round.


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