Day 39 – 10/3/17 – Coaching

The joys of Friday. The end of the week and start of the weekend. Not much went down at work and so onto coaching. At coaching we worked on possession in congested areas and movement off the ball, with a 4 on 2 exercise. One of the things the boys need to get better at is their leading and getting out from behind defenders, so this exercise is perfect to make little movements away to receive the ball as well as moving the ball quickly.

The exercise consists of 3 teams of 2, with two pairs always on the same team. If one player makes a mistake then his pair become the defenders. Cheeky little paint drawing below:

4on2 drill

What a beautiful drawing. You get the idea.

Been having to deal with a lot of parent emails at the moment too, which is always fun. I especially enjoy it when I receive an email from the parent of a child who either doesn’t enjoy hockey or isn’t very good or doesn’t want to be very good. Parents are deluded unfortunately. Some just don’t understand that the sun does not shine out of their little boy or girls arse.

It’s funny, you realise how little a parent actually knows about their child and what they are really like. In hockey terms they might think that their son is some sort of child prodigy and that we are wrong for putting them in the D team. When, in fact, they have never seen their son train alongside the rest of the players we have at the club. If they did they would soon realise why that D team is the best place for him.

It’s fine to be pushy to help your child achieve their full potential, if that is what they want to and appreciate. Just realise when you are pushing too much and let your child enjoy their childhood. It’s not yours to live vicariously through them.

Home after coaching and Jen has come back for the weekend so we had a nice chilled meal and evening watching Split, which was a pretty cool film in the end in the fact that it somehow led into Unbreakable…spoiler alert.


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