Day 36 – 7/3/17 – Chest

Time to start another week of workouts. Just feels like a routine now but not one that is a chore. It’s just something I do in the evenings, I go to the gym.

Chest time, which is always interesting as I get to see how my shoulder will hold up. It hasn’t been feeling too great over the past couple of days. Probably my golfing and hockey filled Saturday.  All that swinging can’t help…golf club and hockey stick swinging that is.

We’ll keep this short and simple after a standard day in the office and no real news. So here was what I got up to at the gym:

  • Barbell Bench Press – 40kg/12, 50kg/8, 50kg/8, 50kg/5
  • Dumbbell Incline Bench Press – 18kg/5, 18kg/8, 18kg/7
  • Cable Cross Over – 9kg/12, 18kg/8, 18kg/8
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 12kg/10, 13kg/8, 13kg/9
  • Dumbbell Lateral Raise – 8kg/8, 9kg/8, 12kg/8
  • Cable Rope Face Pull – 50kg/10, 50kg/10, 50kg/10
  • Leverage Shrug – 25kg/12, 50kg/8, 50kg/6
  • Cable Rope Triceps Pushdown – 36kg/12, 43kg/7, 43kg/7, 50kg/3, 36kg/5, 27kg/6, 18kg/10

The shoulder definitely held me back in my presses. Couldn’t handle the last couple of reps.  On triceps I decided to finish with a bit of a “run the rack” – no rest just reduce the weight and go again for as many as possible.

Really wish my shoulders were alright so that I could start getting a bigger chest without the handicap. Booked some physio next week to have a check up since my last session a few months ago. Hopefully he can help sort me out finally.


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