Day 35 – 6/3/17 – Training

Day 35…5 full weeks in, 16 workouts done, 4 hockey matches played, 3 wins, 1 loss. Good going so far, I am happy with what I have been doing and my commitment level. I keep saying it but I want to sort the food out now so I have cooked up some chicken breasts for the week for lunches.

Gotta save money and eat healthier, as too often am I spending on breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Feel like my body has started to change but that my diet will be the key in pushing it on.

Monday means hockey training so I forced myself to go down. Have to show my face as “captain” of the team and try and set an example, especially when it keeps getting talked about every game how we need to attend.

So I turn up and we have 10 people out of two teams in attendance. The majority of those being kids, some of which don’t even play week in week out because of school commitments. This immediately put me in a bad mood. Perhaps I was being a bit hopeful of how many were going to attend.

Needless to say I didn’t enjoy training. All we did was play 5 on 5 and no one really gave a shit. I ended up leaving after an hour because it was just getting me down and I couldn’t enjoy it. We just lack serious men playing at an average level at the club. Players like myself who aren’t that great but aren’t that bad and can play at the 3s level. As it is difficult to form an adult team with just kids on and off the pitch.

I’ll stop moaning now. Hopefully everyone performs again on Saturday against Addiscombe or there’ll be hell to pay.


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