Day 33 – 4/3/17 – Surbiton 3s vs London Edwardians 2s

D-day. The biggest game of the season….again. We faced off against London Eds, top of the league and a team that beat us narrowly 1-0 away from home.

This was a must win to keep our promotion hopes alive. Even now those dreams still rely on the results of the other teams in the league but we can’t control that. Just win every game and see what happens. ¬†Will be incredibly disappointing if we do manage that and still don’t get promoted and will have to look back at the games we fucked up in and realise we have to spend another season with these teams.

We got down to Surbiton an hour before pushback to ensure we were properly prepared. With a few tactical words from Will we were ready and determined to put in a much better performance than last week against Romsey.

The game was a tight intense affair from start to finish. We took the lead by finally scoring a short corner, make that 1 in 16. Injury took Will out of the game forcing a re-jig at the back with me slotting into the middle surrounded by the youth. Then our determination and grit showed through all over the pitch. Our defensive performance was fantastic, tracking every player and running all over the pitch to win 50/50 balls and stop dangerous attacks.

We went 2-0 up with a neat deflection from our old timer Jason into the top corner so that really put us on a high. From there it was intense, backs to the wall a bit as we fought to hold onto our lead. They hit a lifted ball towards the circle that I knew I was going to mistrap and so I did…straight onto my own foot giving away a short corner. The corner was pretty poor with a hit straight at Rob in goal who saved it as he came out but then couldn’t see the ball which had dropped by his feet. The opposition duly tapped it in to make it 2-1.

We managed to hold on to the final whistle and we were ecstatic with our performance. If only we could play like that every week. Just seems we can only do it when our lives depend on it!

The league table is now:


Just 5 points behind Croydon again and we are due to play them in the last game of the season. 4 points behind 2nd which would also see us promoted. Going to be an exciting end to the season!


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