Day 32 – 3/3/17 – Coaching

End of another week. Time seems to go so quickly these days. That’s the 4th week in a row completed, averaging 3 workouts a week in the gym, as well as hockey training on Mondays and matches on Saturdays. The odd bit of golf thrown in for good measure.

Still no official approval at work for my role change but I have been advised it’s coming and we are nearly there. Hopefully know by the end of next week. Time for coaching following our mighty victory on Sunday.

The boys were, perhaps understandably, a little too chilled this evening at coaching. There are a couple that have a tendency to play up and border on arrogant/spoilt, however I had thought they had got past it.  Seemed that it came back to the fore this evening so wasn’t the best practice. However, it is the first session back after Sunday’s win so they are allowed to have a little relaxation and fun I guess. As long as the hard work resumes next week.

Had planned to grab some food with my fellow coach but unfortunately hoes came before bros and his girlfriend took priority. So I went home and finished off my sausages, beans and sweet potato mash, ready for the big game tomorrow.


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