Day 28 – 27/2/17 – Rest

I was on a bit of a high coming in today after Sunday’s success. Trying desperately to forget about Saturday and focus solely on the big game against top of the league this week.

That’s what you have to do in these situations whenever you have a major set back or issue. Learn from it, think about what went wrong and what you can do to improve then bounce back. Put those things into action and think positively to make a change. We all make mistakes and do things wrong. My philosophy is just try again and do it right. Eventually it’ll come and you have got there through self learning and motivation, making it all the more sweet.

I got back from work in the evening and really did not feel like doing anything. Just wanted to relax as I was still pretty shattered from my long weekend, so I didn’t make it to training.

Should have done after my performance on Saturday, however training has the capacity to get me in an even worse mood if it is not well done or well attended, so I just chilled out.

Time to get back in the gym tomorrow and catch up on chest which I missed on Thursday due to the match against the Ladies. Need a 4 workout week to get back to the rhythm I was in really so will have to do that.


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