Day 27 – 26/2/17 – Coaching U12 Surrey Cup

Moving on quickly from yesterday, I had to hope for some better results today from my boys and I was feeling confident.

We had 5 teams in total entered into the two Surrey competitions, the Plate and Cup. With the top two from the Cup then feeding into the Regional round of the competition. We had 2 teams in the Cup and 3 in the plate, with a real chance of winning both.

The Plate was in the morning and my top team was very strong. I thought we would stroll it really against the other teams. There was no way they should stand a chance. However in the first or second game I think it was, one of my best players got injured, unable to play in the rest of the tournament.

This led to us being knocked out in a close affair against Wimbledon in the quarter final 1-0, after we had the majority of the possession and pressure, just unable to score. Unfortunate for the boys but we did end up finishing 3rd.

On to the Cup. This is the tournament that starts the journey on to the National clubs competition. One that we won in 2015 and were runners up in 2016. So time to get back on top and be National Champions once more.

Last season we had our A and B team play each other in the Final. With our B team beating Guildford A, the next best team, in the semi-final.  I took the A team this time and we won every game without conceding a goal or breaking a sweat really.  Our B team had some tough games in their group, winning 2 and drawing 2, however managed to top the group as they once again beat Guildford A.

This set up a Semi final for our As against Guildford As and our Bs against Barnes. Both teams won easily, setting up an all Surbiton final once again, putting a smile on all our faces and the home crowd.  The A team ended up winning 3-0 which avoided any potential fallout of the Bs beating the As going into the next round.

Unfortunately we are only allowed to take one team through to the Regionals, so Guildford still progress after coming 3rd.

Great day all round and another successful one for Surbiton Hockey Club.


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