Day 25 – 24/2/17 – Coaching

End of another week and time for the weekend, with a massive game once more against Romsey, bottom of the league.

Fridays are pretty uneventful at work with a chilled vibe in the office. We seem to be the only team that comes in with everyone else’s ability to work remotely/from home as and when they please.

Last coaching session before the Surrey competition on Sunday for my U12 boys so we had a big focus on short corners and gameplay, as in previous years short corners have been our weakness.

After coaching, my girlfriend and I went for a curry in Surbiton at Joy. The place that everyone from Surbiton Hockey Club seems to go to.  Surprise surprise saw 3 people in there from the club and got chatting.  We even found a new admirer in a 2 year old.

Thought I would try and go for a healthier curry option….didn’t happen. Went for some creamy/coconutty chicken one similar to a korma I guess. I know…adventurous. Accompany that with rice and a keema naan and you have a winning combo right there. Jen even saved me some for the next day by not finishing all hers…winning!

Top pre match dinner preparation. Roll on Saturday for our trip down to Romsey.


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