Day 24 – 23/2/17 – Hockey vs Ladies 1s

Got the call up to play a practice match against the Ladies 1s, as they prepare for their big game against Leicester on the weekend.

We usually have a couple of games against them a season. A mixture of U16 girls, coaches and club randomers who we know will be a good match up for the Ladies. Always tends to be quite a tight affair, even though the Ladies Coach insists on them having 2/3 short corners for every one they win.

Didn’t therefore get the chance to gym, as I was playing hockey, but it was a good cardio workout nonetheless as I ended up playing upfront and just chasing the ball about.

As expected it was a pretty close game and the Ladies ended up winning 1-0, although both teams had some great chances and plenty of short corners. I hardly touched the ball really so wasn’t that enjoyable an outing but still it’s good practice for the Ladies and they are the ones it’s about.

Fast forward to the weekend and unfortunately the Ladies lost to Leicester 3-2, bringing their over 50 game unbeaten run to an end. Has been a pretty remarkable run, smashing all the records and is probably not something we are going to see in hockey for a long time, perhaps never again.


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