Day 50 – 21/3/17 – Back

Surprise, surprise. My legs are already stiff and it’s only going to get worse. Probably because I didn’t do a legs workout last week so they have had a bit of a break too.

Today I have also got a physio session at lunch time, which is going to be focusing on exercises I can do to help my shoulder. So we are going straight into the gym to work on it rather than any massage etc.

Then it’s gym time this evening and decided to do a big back session. Continue reading


Day 49 – 20/3/17 – Legs

Kicking off the week once more and I feel really pumped to get back in the gym, after only going once last week and having to do a small home workout, missing out on a second gym session.

This week I want to go hard and reinvigorate my mind and body to go after it. Don’t want to be stuck in a routine of just doing the same things and not challenging myself or really focusing in my workouts. Continue reading

Day 48 – 19/3/17 – Coaching

The weeks are flying by. Day 48 so what’s that, 7 weeks done? Pretty good going and just worked it out I have done 23 workouts, so nearly every other day. Not too bad at all.

Sunday means coaching and for the second week in a row I have been tasked with helping out on the Academy, which is a session for U10s and younger, split by age group, first thing in the morning. Why can’t I just have a lie in? Continue reading

Day 47 – 18/3/17 – Surbiton 3s vs Southampton 1s

Another big game, this time against Southampton…away…long. ¬†These guys have put in some really good results this season and we drew 1-1 with them at home. They beat London Eds 4-2 , beat Croydon 6-4 and Sunbury 6-3. All the top 3 sides. So we had to prepare for a very tough match after a long journey down to the south coast, back to where I went to uni.

Continue reading

Day 46 – 17/3/17 – St Patrick’s Day

Friday once more and it’s St Patrick’s Day. Not that that really means anything to me as I am English and don’t celebrate it. However my manager is Irish so he was keen to go for a few beers after work.

I had to do a couple of things at work anyway so thought I would stick around for one or two. The rare occasion that I drink so I feel I am allowed every once in a while. Needless to say I didn’t get to the gym. It’s a Friday afterall which is automatically chill evening, preparing for hockey tomorrow.

Day 45 – 16/3/17 – Back Home Workout

Needless to say the chat all of today has been about the Crystal Maze last night, discussing the challenges and activities that we had to do and how much we enjoyed it. Gotta rub it in to those who didn’t go.

Not much else went on, just a standard day at work, apart from the arrival of some of my recent purchases to change up my look for when I am working in Basingstoke. However, another exciting event this evening is my orthodontist appointment to get my teeth moulded for the Invisalign braces I am getting. Then I can hit up the gym. Continue reading

Day 44 – 15/3/17 – The Crystal Maze

Exciting times ahead. It was finally the day of the Crystal Maze with my team at work. So unfortunately that means no workout this evening, but the Crystal Maze will be pretty active I’m sure.

Just been reminiscing all day about the classic show, humming the dramatic theme tune probably pissing everyone off whilst also forcing them to join in with its catchiness. Plan is to go grab a burger at MeatLiquor beforehand and hopefully not clog ourselves up. Continue reading