Day 21 – 20/2/17 – Hockey Training

Monday Monday. Back to a full week for me after a short one last week. Not a very eventful one planned but entering the 4th week of working out which is pretty good going on my previous form.

Work is going alright, pretty standard and awaiting some big news so looking forward to that coming out. Would mean a big change for me and it’s all very hush hush at work. Can hopefully announce it soon and get it underway.

The only fun thing about Mondays is hockey training in the evenings and even that I sometimes don’t enjoy.  Matches I can get pumped for but training just has a tendency to bore me and I struggle to focus or bring the right mindset when I am supposed to be a senior member of the group.

The session went pretty well though, with lots of gameplay situations and plenty of running involved to get the fitness up. Was a relatively good attendance as we seriously need to work on some of our basics.

Ended up having some kung po chicken from the Chinese in my road after training…doh. Oh well I was hungry and just been running around lots. Moment of weakness.


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