Day 19 – 18/2/17 – Hockey vs Winchester 2s

It’s Saturdaayyy, woop woop. Gotta love the weekend and it was quite a busy Saturday I had planned. Had a golf lesson in the morning followed by our match against Winchester, then I headed up to Hertford to see my housemates from Uni for a night out.

It was crunch time again for hockey, as we faced Winchester 2s at home, who had beaten us 7-1 away, after being 1-1 at half time.  It was quite possibly the most embarrassing and shocking result I have ever been a part of and we were determined to win this time.

A win today would edge us closer to the top and keep the pressure on the top 4. We have to win to challenge for promotion.

On arrival at Surbiton we had the strangest of sights…the pitch was empty, there was no game on before us.  This is unheard of. We actually had plenty of time to warm up on the pitch for once when usually it’s run on and hit about for 5 mins then be thrust into the match.

I think we carried that shock into the game and were a little lax in our preparation, as the first half was a tight affair, with Winchester scoring first and then us finally grabbing an equaliser before half time. It was 1-1, same as it was in the reverse fixture which did not bode well.

The second half was a flurry of goals again, however this time went in our favour, as we won 6-3. We scored some lovely goals, the highlight of which being an aerial into the D and a mistrap by the forward which lobbed the GK as he came out. Our defending however wasn’t quite as intense or aware as it was in the past couple of games so we need to get that back on point.

Later that evening the results went up online and one of the results definitely put a smile on our faces…Croydon losing:


So as you can see we are 5 points off the top but with a game in hand. If you imagine the game against Croydon had been played last week and we won, we would be in 3rd place just 2 points behind Sunbury and 1 behind London Eds.

We have already beaten Sunbury so nothing we can do there, however we are still to play Croydon, London Eds, Andover and Southampton.  Every game is a must win.

Time to drive up to Hertford and celebrate with a night out on the town, hitting up the legendary establishment that is Stonehouse.


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