Day 17 – 16/2/17 – Evening out

It’s a Thursday and it’s a guy in our team’s last day. That can only mean one thing…unavoidable beers after work.  The gym is going to have to wait, which I think is kind of a good thing because I am a little worried about pushing my shoulders, both now playing up.

We ended up going down to the All Bar One by the office and having a couple of beers and a good laugh with the whole team, before a couple of us decided to make a break for it and get some food before heading home.

There was some debate before deciding that we would go to ShakeShack for a burger. I got a nice big double bacon cheeseburger, fries and a milkshake, which was bloody expensive at £18. It was alright. My American friend decided to go for a hot dog…what was he thinking…it looked terrible and he realised his mistake immediately, then having to order a portion of chips to attempt to satisfy the still gaping hole in his stomach.

Although it wasn’t a late one, needless to say I didn’t go to the gym after that. Not exactly going to be in peak physical condition after two pints and a big burger.

Will have to hit up the gym tomorrow after coaching.


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