Day 14 – 13/2/17 – Countryside

Our full day in the countryside and the weather was perfect so we had to spend it in the outdoors. Can’t be wasting that fresh air and greenery away from the city. I was tasked with finding a suitable walk and I liked the look of Avebury, one of the local villages that has a history dating back thousands of years.

There are neolithic stone circles and burial mounds which you have full access to and it’s all free. So you can be fully immersed in it unlike the famous Stonehenge.

The walk can be pretty much followed with this route:

It takes you from the start in Avebury with the stones, up to the ridgeway where you can see various burial mounds covered in trees, to the West Kennet Barrow and down past Silbury Hill, the largest man made mound in Europe. Here’s my picture of it:


Was a lovely 7 mile route and wasn’t really too taxing. Just take a drink and a snack to have on the way round and you’ll be fine. Took us a couple of hours I’d say and a good way to get outdoors.

There’s not too much else to do in Avebury but it’s really interesting seeing the sights and reading about the history. Afterwards we went to Marlborough for a an exceptionally cultured lunch at…Ask Italian. I know. But it’s nice to have some comfort food and you know what you are getting.

We ended up cooking ourselves the Waitrose £20 meal deal for Valentine’s, having mussels, steak, asparagus, chips and a chocolate tart for pudding which was all top notch.

All in all a lovely relaxing break from the city and couldn’t have asked for better weather. Definitely helps when the sun is shining down. Can’t imagine it being much fun in the rain, especially when some parts of the walk were pretty muddy as it was!


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