Day 13 – 12/2/17 – Cardio and Start of Trip

Sunday morning,  no coaching and a trip down to the Wiltshire countryside planned, so time to get in the gym for a cardio session to round off the week and make it 4 sessions.

I had booked off the Monday and Tuesday as a bit of a long Valentine’s weekend down in the country with my girlfriend.  So had to make sure I got in a session before I made the journey down to a beautiful cottage in Oxenwood, Wiltshire.

Here is what I got upto at the gym:

  • Treadmill – 11 mins 30 secs for a distance of 2.5km. Then 5 mins for a distance of 1.1km
  • Crunches – 15, 12, 8
  • Hanging Leg Raise – 5, 5, 5
  • Cable Crunch – 50/12, 57/12, 64/12
  • Plank – 1 min, 30 secs, 30 secs
  • L sit – 3 secs, 3 secs, 3 secs

I was aiming to really push it on the treadmill and keep up a good pace. Set myself a bit too high a goal of doing a 5km for around 20-22 mins. Set the treadmill at 15kph and went at it but could only manage 2.5km before I had to rest. I know…weak.

Had another 5 mins of a bit faster (after getting up to speed) to push out another 1km. Was pretty dead after that.  Moved onto do some ab specific stuff to get a real burn going in my core. I have lost my ability to do hanging leg raises and L-sits which is pretty depressing, but just have to keep attempting and increasing the time/reps.

Got home and got ready to go, swinging by my mum’s house to pick up some board games for our chilled time in the country cottage…gotta love a bit of Trivial Pursuit. Pretty straight forward journey then down to Wiltshire. Always amazing to see how close we are to the countryside.

My girlfriend and I met at the cottage which was lovely and had a little farm vibe, with a horse, two pigs, chickens and ducks all clamouring to meet us/get fed. We then hit up Marlborough where we had a good pub roast before getting back and relaxing for the evening.




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