Day 12 -11/2/17 – Golf and Hockey…or not

Let’s start with the positives…or try anyway.  I got up nice and early to get down to Hersham Golf club for 8:30am to play golf with my step-dad Kev. I have got the bug back for golf and been looking to start playing more so was really looking forward to it.

First hole was top notch. Hit some lovely shots and ended up with a bogey. Which on hole one when I haven’t played since Christmas is a pretty good effort in my books.  However, from there it just went downhill. I just can’t deal with not being able to reproduce the same thing over and over in golf. Why does my ball invariably go to that tree? Why do I duff every little shot because I am so scared of over hitting it? Why do my drives go at 90 degrees right?

Now I know the answers to why these things happen, but trying to correct that or stop it when it can sometimes not happen is incredibly difficult and frustrating. Plus I lost my 3 brand new Nike golf balls… that ain’t cool.

I managed to get one par on the whole 18 holes and ended up on a grand total of 108…41 over par or something ridiculous. I’ve got a long way to go and I know I have the talent (“what is talent?” – Jimmy Culnane) but it’s a matter of playing more often and getting some consistency. I can’t expect to be brilliant straight away. I just have too high expectations of myself. Especially when you hit a good shot.

Anyways…on to the worse news. Croydon cancelled our match 2 hours before pushback, due to a bit of snow. Now for those of you in the south-east of England on Saturday may have noticed some snow, but it was hardly a blizzard. I have played hockey in much worse conditions. So naturally we were a bit peeved. Especially when the general consensus was Croydon must have had a weak team and seen the momentum we were generating so pulled out. But of course we will give them the benefit of the doubt.

So for the rest of the afternoon I ended up playing Fifa with my mate and housemate. An infuriating challenge and I don’t think we won a single game online in the hours we were playing.

Tomorrow is another day, let’s move on and get back in the gym to make up for no hockey match, then exciting times as I head down to Wiltshire to meet up with the girlfriend at a lovely Airbnb cottage:



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