Day 11 – 10/2/17 – Coaching

Another solid week for working out with 3 days in a row again. Friday is rest and coaching time. Really starting to get the bug for the gym, which is great. When I don’t go I almost feel guilty but it’s more of a positive feeling of “I want to go” rather than a negative one of “I feel bad about not going”.

I think that is definitely the best place to be and can be a difficult place to get to, but just takes a bit of consistency and routine, visualising those goals and soon you will find it.

This week for my U12 boys I wanted to carry on from the defending theme of last week and work on a couple more tackles.  Too often in matches I am seeing my boys get rinsed because they just stand there static and don’t make tackles, or don’t have the ability to track back and challenge for the ball.

So we worked on shave tackles from both sides. The traditional shave between the stick and right foot, looking to steal the ball, as well as the tackle from the other side, getting up alongside the player and looking to get the stick in between the opposition player’s stick and the ball to steal it away.

Starting to see a lot more aggression in the tackle and going after the ball, not being unsure when the opposition are running at the boys, which is encouraging. Gameplay is looking sharper and sharper each practice. We feel that we have an even stronger group yet again from last year, so hopefully we can get back to being National Champions after being runners-up in 2016.

One of the really encouraging things has been the growth of some strong defensive players, whilst at Surbiton we tend to have a lot of attacking players. So that is really great to see!

Onto the weekend where we face our arch rivals Croydon and Old Whitgiftians, who currently sit at the top of the table, 5 points ahead of us. I am confident of finally beating them after having lost in the last 3 occasions. Also playing golf in the morning with my step-dad so that’ll be fun and interesting…see how badly I play.


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