Day 9 – 8/2/17 – Back

2nd day in a row, 2nd week in a row. Starting to get into the routine now and feeling good for it. The legs are only a little tender and the DOMS have hardly affected me at all this week. I think when you start training regularly the DOMS becomes less and less as your muscles get used to working.

It’s strong back day and that means pulling heavier weights for lower reps to really try and up that strength. I also ordered some MusclePharm Vanilla Combat Powder to start making my various protein snack recipes that all call for vanilla protein as opposed to the chocolate that I have.

Here’s the workout I completed:

  • Wide Grip Lat Pulldown – 41kg/12, 55kg/10, 68kg/5, 68kg/5, 68kg/5
  • Barbell Deadlift – 50kg/10, 70kg/8, 100kg/5, 100kg/5, 100kg/5
  • Barbell Bent Over Row – 70kg/5, 70kg/5, 70kg/5
  • Cable Straight Arm Push Down – 50kg/8, 57kg/5, 57kg/5
  • Cable Standing Biceps Curl – 14kg/12, 27kg/8, 36kg/8, 50kg/5
  • Chin Up – 5, 4, 4


As you can see I am not the strongest, especially with regards to chin ups. I want to start incorporating more of these and pull ups into my workouts as my shoulder allows, as they are the one of the core things around the strength exercises that I want to be able to do.

The thing with these exercises is just to keep trying. No one can just jump on a bar for the first time and bash out a load of pull ups, so do as many as you can and then next time try to do one more, and so on, and so on.

It may feel like slow progress but the bodyweight stuff does take time. It’s not something you can really condition your body to do, without trying to do the exercises, due to amount of different muscles involved.  All those tiny little stabilising muscles that you probably haven’t really ever hit when doing your standard gym routine.

Protein when I got back and also started taking BCAA’s before my workout to give me some fuel throughout.  Chest day to round out the week on Thursday!





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