Day 7 – 6/2/17 – Lazy

Mondays are hockey training days, however I didn’t make it. Was a bit delayed getting home and I was tired and it was absolutely pissing it down. I know it’s all excuses but at least I was productive in the evening, as I went food shopping to get ingredients to make some healthy protein snacks, as well as cooking up a big Thai red curry for the week with my girlfriend….well she cooked it to be fair, but I think I cooked it last time sooo we’re even.

Thai red curry is such a simple one and tastes amazing. Just get yourself some coconut milk and Thai red paste and you are pretty much there. You can basically put in the veg and meat that you want so have a play around to find a recipe you like. Make a big batch like we did and it will last a few days for lunch or dinners, so I can bring it into work and saves me buying an expensive London lunch.

I bought some exciting ingredients for making some snacks that I like the look of from the sites I linked in my last post as well as this one too:

Could not believe when I got to the till that a tub of Almond Butter is £9. WTF. Apparently according to Mr Vegan athlete in my office that’s actually alright value. Just checked out how to make it yourself and seems pretty simple. I guess almonds are just expensive full stop.

I think I will have a go at one of those recipes tonight before I head down the gym. Will let you know how i get on.

Tonight is legs day as I didn’t do them on Sunday. It’s going to be a strength focus, so higher weight lower reps, slightly longer rest. Let’s do this and get back on it, as it feels like I haven’t done anything for ages.




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