Day 6 – 5/2/17 – Coaching

Sunday. Traditionally the day of rest and unfortunately it pretty much turned out to be so for me.  I had plans to work out either before or after coaching, however lack of sleep on Saturday night and not for a good reason, meant I was dead on Sunday.

A first minor setback on the journey, but hey it’s the first week. Time to bounce back and get back on track then we will be all good.  That’s the thing. My philosophy is yeah, you might muck up, but as long as you get back on it as quickly as possible and work hard to make up for it, then you will be fine.

Coaching wise it was a pretty good day for results in the games I took. My two U12 boys teams ended up drawing in 4-4 and 3-3 thrillers against East Grinstead in the first and Camberley & Farnborough in the second. There was even a contentious goal for the C&F in the second game after the stopwatch alarm had gone off according to the parents! The middle game with the U14 boys was a resounding 12-1 win I think (lost count) against London Wayfarers.

Some definite room for improvement in holding on to leads and basics such as trapping the ball and marking. These are the little things letting the boys down at the moment and can be the difference between winning and losing a game of hockey.

On another hockey note, the new Surbiton HC website is live so make sure you check that out and familiarise yourselves with the new layout –

This week I want to go food shopping and start really trying to plan out my meals better and also make my foray into healthy snack making. I’m talking lean meats with healthy carbs and vegetables, whilst trying to find new recipes to make it a bit more exciting than meat and two veg. With regards to the snacks, I want to have a go at making some sort of protein/energy snack like these:

As far as workouts are concerned, Tuesday evening is my first one and will be legs round 2. I am going to enter a strength phase for this week, so looking at higher weight and lower reps, with more rest in between to recover that strength each time to get maximum output. Let’s hope the DOMS go away a bit quicker this time and I am fighting fit for our biggest game of the season on Saturday against Croydon & Old Whitgiftians!


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