Day 5 – 4/2/17 Surbiton 3s vs Camberley & Farnborough 1s

Today is Saturday and therefore it was gameday.

This week we faced Camberley & Farnborough 1s. A team that is struggling towards the bottom of the table who we beat 3-2 in the away fixture, however we still need to be wary of all the teams in the league and put in a professional 100% performance each week.

Turns out we did just that and we ended up having our first emphatic win of the season, winning 10-2. It may have taken us half the season but we looked to be firing on all cylinders and even I grabbed a goal in my new stick’s debut. Not as good as our 17 year old forward who scored an impressive 4. There were lots of really nice attacking moves, however it was fair to say Camberley were not at their best and neither were the umpires for either team!

All the other results seemed to go our way too, as we battle to get up the table from 5th place, now just 5 points off top:


Next weekend we face Croydon & Old Whitgiftians, who we haven’t beaten in the 3 matches we have played against them, as they came up with us from the league below. So we are determined to get a result and close the gap even more if we are to get promoted.

The top 6 teams all play each other next weekend so we could well see some movement.

Of course had a celebratory drink after the game, just the one Kopparberg for a bit of refreshment with match teas with the rugby on. Then I made the final Gousto meal I had, Chicken & Chimichurri Quesadillas, which were pretty amazing if I do say so myself. Will put up the recipe on a separate post.

Just rested this evening, playing and failing miserably at Fifa which is highly upsetting. At least my legs DOMS are nearly over and I can get back in the gym tomorrow to start over again! Plan is to go before coaching, as I am taking three matches so taking up most of the day, then chilling with the Mrs and trying not to think about another week at work. Gotta keep motivated with the gym work!


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