Day 4 – 3/2/17 – Coaching

Fridays are my designated rest day and definitely the perfect day for it. No one wants to do anything too strenuous on a Friday. It’s the start of the weekend after all.

Friday evenings is when I coach hockey to my U12 boys group at Surbiton Hockey Club so that takes up my evening.

Today was a bit of a write off as far as nutrition is concerned. As I’ve said though you can’t expect to be Mr or Mrs Perfect every day in your eating…though I’m far from that any day at the moment. To start I had my usual Friday breakfast of a sausage, bacon and egg bap which sorts me out. Then went to our favourite Assenheims for lunch where they do the most amazing chicken, rice and vegetables with this green sauce. It’s soooo good but does knock you out for the afternoon. Dinner I’ve got my next Gousto recipe, Chipotle burgers which I will feedback on with the recipe on another post.

Coaching this evening we will be working on thinking ahead. So working out off the ball positioning to ensure a fast passing move to get the ball forward as quickly as possible, as well as working on the mechanics of the trap and pass under pressure.

Chance for me also to have a knockabout with my new stick again before the match tomorrow!

So not the healthiest of days but I felt I could give myself a mini reward after 3 days solid in the gym when I haven’t done that for months. Hockey match tomorrow and back in he gym on Sunday. For those of you who don’t do a sport or other exercise, I suggest you get some cardio in however you like doing it best.





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