Day 3 – 2/2/17 – Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Day 3, 3rd day in a row, going strong. Today was the 3rd of my splits that I am doing, this time focusing on chest, shoulders and triceps.

This split is the real tester for me because I have had a shoulder injury for coming up to a year now. Bench press, one of the core exercises, is primarily affected by this which is highly annoying! Anyway I am pushing through with lighter weight and stopping before it hurts to try and build the muscles to support the injury.

Rest tomorrow night with hockey coaching in the evening, then hockey match on Saturday with a planned return to the gym on Sunday after coaching. 4 days a week is the plan going forwards, with hockey training on a Monday night and matches on Saturdays adding my cardio element. So that’s pretty active I reckon and plenty of sessions in the gym.

Outside of that my plan is to do lots of rotator cuff exercises for my shoulder to help it out.

In terms of eating today I started off in style with my planned lunch from yesterday, with chicken, noodles and peas. Lunch we went out to Hare and Tortoise, an Asian cuisine for my mate from work’s leaving lunch and I had a Laksa Curry which was very nice indeed. Now I will level with you, I did have one beer after work :0…I know. Also had a cheeky cinnamon swirl from Tesco, which I have major love for.

So here’s what I got upto at the gym after that naughty pint:

  • Barbell Bench Press – 40kg/10, 40kg/10, 40kg/8, 40kg/4, 40kg/6
  • Incline Dumbbell Press – 12kg/8, 12kg/8, 12kg/8
  • Dumbbell Fly – 13kg/8, 13kg/8, 13kg/8
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 11kg/8, 11kg/8, 11kg/8
  • Dumbbell Lateral Raise – 8kg/8, 8kg/8, 8kg/8
  • Rope Face Pull – 36kg/12, 50kg/8, 50kg/8
  • Leverage Shoulder Shrug – 40kg/8, 40kg/8, 40kg/8
  • Close Grip Bench Press – 20kg/12, 30kg/8, 30kg/5
  • Overhead Tricep Extension – 8kg/8, 8kg/8, 8kg/7

Standard routine when I got home, protein and shower, this time with the added wonders of the washing up!


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