I use a couple of apps to help me in my workouts and health which I would definitely recommend to anyone. I know some hardcore people out there will be like “you shouldn’t have your phone out in the gym man, you are here to lift” whilst they throw their roided up bods around, but hey, it’s whatever works for you right?

So here are the ones that I use daily:

Jefit Free (also a pro version)jefit-logo

This is what I use to create my workout plans, track my sets/reps along with a countdown between sets and weights used, as well as find inspiration for cool new exercises to try out if I am bored. It’s an amazing resource for free and let’s you accurately gauge your weights whilst also providing you with your 1 Rep Max which can be pretty useful.


MyFitnessPal     myfitnesspal-logo

I have this to track what food I eat (when I remember). It has a huge database of food and drink that you can search to add in what you have consumed as well as an incredibly handy barcode scanner that works like a charm. I find it interesting to see what my nutrient macros are for the day and how much fat was in that Greggs sausage roll I just ate. It’s great to see if you are getting enough of the right foods and not too much of the bad stuff.


Fitbit    fitbit-logo

I wear a Fitbit Charge HR for my sins. It just sits there on my wrist all day and night. One of the main things I like is the heart rate function. The rest is all a bit hindsighty. For instance what are you going to do about having 18 restless points in your sleep that night?

Combined with this I also have the Fitbit Aria scales which all syncs in together. Again it’s cool being able to see it all sync up and track everything, however the body fat percentage is pretty off as with a lot of the electronic body fat calculators. I think calipers are the only way to get a really accurate view on that.


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