Day 21 – 20/2/17 – Hockey Training

Monday Monday. Back to a full week for me after a short one last week. Not a very eventful one planned but entering the 4th week of working out which is pretty good going on my previous form.

Work is going alright, pretty standard and awaiting some big news so looking forward to that coming out. Would mean a big change for me and it’s all very hush hush at work. Can hopefully announce it soon and get it underway. Continue reading


Day 20 – 19/2/17 – Coaching

Good night last night in Hertford seeing the two Chris’s, my housemates from uni. Always amusing going to these smaller towns where that is the number one place to go out for everyone.  Seeing all the people proper dressed up and making an effort to go to some random bar.

Luckily I wasn’t hungover to drive back in the morning as I had to head to Reigate to coach my U12 boys and we got absolutely battered for some reason. Something like 6-1. I don’t even remember. Continue reading

Day 19 – 18/2/17 – Hockey vs Winchester 2s

It’s Saturdaayyy, woop woop. Gotta love the weekend and it was quite a busy Saturday I had planned. Had a golf lesson in the morning followed by our match against Winchester, then I headed up to Hertford to see my housemates from Uni for a night out.

It was crunch time again for hockey, as we faced Winchester 2s at home, who had beaten us 7-1 away, after being 1-1 at half time.  It was quite possibly the most embarrassing and shocking result I have ever been a part of and we were determined to win this time.

A win today would edge us closer to the top and keep the pressure on the top 4. We have to win to challenge for promotion. Continue reading

Day 18 – 17/2/17 – Chest

I forgot it’s half term, so no coaching tonight…woop.

That means I don’t have to go to the gym late after having gone straight to the hockey club after work and will get a chance to eat. Always helpful.

It’s a Friday already and that means it’s pretty much the weekend. Got a relatively busy one planned with a golf lesson on Saturday morning followed by a hockey match, then going to see my housemates from uni up in Hertford. Just the one midday match on the Sunday for me to coach though so gives me time to recover from the night out. Continue reading

Day 16 – 15/2/17 – Back

First day back in the office after a nice long weekend break and so was feeling pretty refreshed. Had some training in the morning which brought lunch around quickly…never a bad thing.  Especially when I then went for my favourite Assenheims chicken, rice and veg.

Was just looking forward to getting back into the gym again for the 3rd week of my journey. I’m excited by how pumped and into the routine I am getting. Starting to feel really good. Continue reading

Day 15 – 14/2/17 – End of the Trip and Legs

Valentine’s Day, the last few hours of our trip to the countryside. Always tricky thinking of what to do when you have that looming deadline of having to leave at some point. We decided to check out Hungerford as people had said it was pretty nice there.  So we set off in convoy and parked up to find that Hungerford hasn’t got too much going for it…sorry Hungerford, perhaps we missed some of it. Continue reading